Interactive Planning Workshops


FractalOps interactive planning workshops are based on the research of Frederic Laloux in the seminal work Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness. Laloux has granted this content to the public domain, and a portion of the net proceeds are gifted directly to him. Sessions in four modules help leaders and teams understand and implement self-managing, fractal operations that respond continually to change and thrive in uncertainty. For conventional organizations that are not quite ready to make the leap to self-management, the Self-Management Daily Practices workshops can be customized to introduce aspects of self-management.

Self-Management Structures

Discuss pros and cons of self-managing operations. Design structural models that meet your organization’s needs. Create agreements for embedding staff functions in teams. Discuss and plan purpose-driven project teams and temporary task forces.

Self-Management Business Processes

Configure self-managing methods for typical organizational processes, such as product development, sales & marketing, and finance. Discuss environmental and social management. Share ideas for dealing with continuous change and crisis management.

Self-Management People Practices

Discover self-management practices for recruiting, onboarding, training, and coaching. Create agreements for commitment and working hours. Discuss jobs and role fluidity, compensation, and salary setting. Plan peer-based feedback and performance management practices.

Self-Management Daily Practices

Learn the advice process for streamlining and establishing accountable, distributed decision making. Discuss meetings with purpose, team trust building, and open information flows. Practice mind-mapping and stress relief techniques and define shared values.

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Client Appreciation

“Janna Raye was involved with our organization for 18 months to consult and participate with us in setting a new direction for our organization. Through her programs we have recommitted to a shared vision, fostered better communication through roundtable meetings, and driven very positive results in our customer service-centered business. Major improvements in our own associate opinion survey, our individual traveler survey, and our group customer survey are significant, and in some cases, best of class.” David Dolquist, General Manager, Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma

“Janna Raye’s clear insight into our communication issues helped our team to transform and grow so that we are now better able to express ourselves, learn from and support each other, and act in alignment with our vision for growth. It was a tremendous experience working with her.” Sharon Miller, CEO, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

“I am so grateful for the gift of your work with my group. We have set our sails on a new course with a new and very exciting journey in front of us. I look forward to our continued work together.” Betty Brachman, CEO, The Brachman Group Luxury Pied-à-Terre, Sotheby's International


“The great and terrible irony of modern business is that so many managers feel overburdened with responsibility, while so many employees feel unchallenged and unfulfilled in their jobs. The way to a happier and more prosperous state is clear: Concede once and for all that employees, not managers, are the true engines of progress, and dedicate your management career to creating an environment in which employees can stretch for higher and higher levels of performance.” Ken Iverson, Plain Talk