Janna Raye, Major Operator


A systems thinker with broad interests in the arts and sciences, Janna Raye is a dynamic workshop leader and consultant. After decades of research, Janna Raye published her theory in April 2014 in the British Journal for Organisational Transformation and Social Change. To read the PDF, click here: Fractal Organisation Theory

Her client list over the years includes Marriott, Clorox, Sotheby's International, Gemfire Corporation, Sonoma Index-Tribune, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, Gundlach-Bundschu Winery, Rockridge Smiles, Dr. Stanley Jacobs, Kimball Lutheran Church, Women's Global Leadership Initiative, and the California Surplus Line Association. She currently lives in Frederick County, Maryland and volunteers at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center and the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

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Client Appreciation

“What we appreciated most was Janna Raye’s insight and ability to gather information, pick through the issues, and to listen. The ability to come in with enough of an open mind to gather the data and then figure out what was next —not all consultants can do this.” Rick Tompane, CEO, Gemfire Corporation

“This program is terrific. We've never done anything like this before.” Ted Pierce, CEO, Surplus Line Assoc. of California

“Thank you so much for your expert direction.”Randall Fearnow, Krieg-Devault Attorneys at Law

“Thank you Janna Raye! Your stress relief seminar that the managers of our organization participated in was incredibly valuable for all of us. Your course has created a real sense calm throughout our workplace. Co-workers are just not turning little problems into major catastrophes anymore. They are coming to conclusions themselves. I recommend all businesses bring you into their workplace as you are gifted and incredibly knowledgeable about the inner workings of management and office structures.”Christopher Oscar, Advertising Sales Manager, The Sonoma Index-Tribune